Monday, 30 March 2015


A project aimed at encouraging alternative content and collaborations between artistes in multi disciplinary facets. 

It is also a platform that seeks to give a voice to undiscovered talent with keen interest towards alternative music.

Muziki Mjini is a great platform to creatively explore urbanization,environmental change, music and youth culture.
This will result in the creation of authentic content that is true to both the art and the artist's brand .

Muziki Mjini is in the process of being developed into a docu-series with the intent of highlighting alternative music and the art forms that complement it.

Our first concept will integrate two art forms; music and graffiti into a live event.


A monthly event that brings together live music and an exhibition of graffiti works by some of Nairobi's freshest graffiti artistes: the Spray Uzi Crew.

This event seeks to explore the collaboration between graffiti and music and how the two marry to create a fresh urban culture in Nairobi .

Our current theme 'City Dreams' explores what it takes for an artist to bring their vision to life and the impact their art has on urban culture.